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How can we combine AI with behavioral intelligence to make things better for humans?

what you get from us

We help organizations of all shapes and sizes to become more adaptive, meaningful and human, through application of collective intelligence.

We make AI work for you and your business by blending cutting edge technologies like AI with behavioral sciences enabling smarter decisions and better outcomes for your customers.


3 distinct services

key industries

Retail & eComm
Retail & eComm

We work with Retail - eComm companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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City Sky
Smart City
Smart City

We work with urban planners and traffic systems to integrate AI/ML into their ops. 


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We work with Healthcare companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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our impact

Our team members have been trusted by some of the most customer-friendly and thriving companies in the world.

Why Hire Us?
  • We are experienced operators

  • We bring the expertise you need

  • We share your risk

  • We orchestrate both technical and behavioral challenges to make you successful

Why NOT Hire Us?
  • You are looking for a big team

  • You think you can do it all by yourself 

  • You have plenty of time to solve your challenge

  • Maybe there are other reasons that we don't know yet.

how we work?

As early adopters of Collective Intelligence, we keep people at the center of digital transformation. It's a key tenet of our thinking and doing - even as our methods evolve in response to new, complex challenges, we’re always designing and building solutions for people first. We’re building to learn, and learning as we build, through inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

Insights on Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Decisions

Let's talk

Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. How can you apply AI and other emerging technologies to grow and thrive in this digital age?

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