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In today's digital platform dominated business landscape, you cannot be successful in digital transformation without investing in a holistic data strategy for driving your business outcomes.  Your data strategy articulates your aspiration, where you will play, how you will win, which capabilities you need and the management systems you put in place to sustain and grow. Your strategic choices must effectively cascade all the way from the corporate level through business units to the individual level and empower stakeholders to make the right choices, every time. 

core offerings

Strategic Discovery Framework

Like the star quarterback, as a CXO, you have a responsibility of setting the winning direction of the AI/ML play in your organization. Our 3 steps framework does exactly that. Find out more.

Due Diligence Scorecard

Investors are looking for the right data-driven venture to invest and celebrate in a few years. However, the tech, the team, and concept may be difficult to validate for success. Our team works with VCs and angel investors to provide additional data points to justify investments. Find out more

AI Strategic Intent Workshop

You know you need to get started, but there are too many choices. Here is the first step in getting started and staying on course. Find out more.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Interested in working with personal data and Artificial Intelligence technologies like image and voice processing. Need to do a DPIA first.  Find out more.

Key Focus Areas

Customer Engagement

Grow Revenue


Increase Accuracy

Security & Fraud Prevention

Protect Assets

Labor & Automation

Optimize Margins

Diamond Framework

Our customers taught us to make things simple.  Our expertise is aligned to get your business benefit from the latest in data science and behavioral science. We develop data strategy + machine learning as a competency for your business and empower your team to embrace the new brave world of digital. We successfully attend to technology and human needs essential to your digital transformation. Here is our  Diamond Framework that we follow for all our end to end services. 

Insights on Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Decisions


Be sure of your investments, keep the LPs informed with quality assessments. 

End customer: Silicon Valley-based prominent prop-tech venture fund.

Performed a technology due-diligence to assess the defensibility of technology architecture (including data pipeline and machine learning algorithms) implemented by a rising prop-tech startup in NYC in order to support multi-million dollars of VC investments.



  • Overview and final reports helped the VC firm make informed decisions regarding their investments. The new venture got funded in less than a month post making changes based on recommendations. 

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to computer vision and AI for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.

Ready to apply computer vision to your business?

At Calculai, we drive positive customer impact by mixing interdisciplinary consulting with appropriate domain knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, and related emerging technologies.

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