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How might we digitally transform
the organization without losing
the human touch?

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In today's evolving business landscape, you cannot be successful in digital transformation without  holistic thinking.This includes your culture, purpose, strategy, technology, products, people, and more. Your thinking articulates your aspiration, alignment to where you will play, how you will win, which capabilities you need, and the management systems you put in place to sustain and grow. Your strategic choices must effectively cascade all the way from the corporate level through business units to the individual level and empower stakeholders to make the right choices, every time. 

core offerings

AI Strategy Framework

Like the star quarterback, as a CXO, you have a responsibility of setting the winning direction of the AI/ML play in your organization. Learn about few of the match plans here and here.  

Due Diligence Scorecard

Investors are looking for the right data-driven venture to invest and celebrate in a few years. However, the tech, the team, and concept may be difficult to validate for success. Our team works with VCs and angel investors to provide additional data points to justify investments. Find out more

Data Strategy

Turn data into a force for good for your organization by unlocking its potential energy and instilling an insights-driven culture to harness it. Learn about Data Privacy Impact Assessment here and more.  

Organization Transformation

Change is continuous and so is its management to steer the ship in the right direction and at the right speed. New digital products and channels often demand adjusting your standard operating model while building new capabilities.

Learn more.

Product Strategy 

Conceiving, building, and rolling out AI powered products in production is hard. Our product strategy veterans get involved early on and stay through the build and roll out phases to make sure the product is achieving the expected market fit. 

diamond AI framework

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Insights on Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Decisions


Be sure of your investments, keep the LPs informed with quality assessments. 

End customer: Silicon Valley-based prominent prop-tech venture fund.

Performed a technology due-diligence to assess the defensibility of technology architecture (including data pipeline and machine learning algorithms) implemented by a rising prop-tech startup in NYC in order to support multi-million dollars of VC investments.



  • Overview and final reports helped the VC firm make informed decisions regarding their investments. The new venture got funded in less than a month post making changes based on recommendations. 

key industries

Retail & eComm
Retail & eComm

We work with Retail - eComm companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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City Sky
Smart City
Smart City

We work with urban planners and traffic systems to integrate AI/ML into their ops. 


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We work with Healthcare companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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Technology is not strategy. It's one of the core indispensable capabilities for implementing your strategy. How do you use AI and new technologies for your overall strategy?

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