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How might we build AI-powered solutions for driving business advantage?

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Make AI work for you. 

We specialize in building well-engineered augmented intelligence (AI) solutions.


We don't believe that good advice is delivered in 200+ slide decks or mind-numbing conference calls; the best ideas need to be coded, tested, and released - iteratively and rapidly. We build collaboratively so that everyone is confident of actually solving the right problem in the right way.

core technology competency

Visual intelligence using Computer Vision. Our core platform has been implemented in multiple real Retail, Smart-City, and Healthcare use cases across USA and the EU.

Here are the few different ways we apply computer vision in your business context. 

Natural Language Processing


our methodology

We adopt a methodology that allows us to think and act like startups, working in multidisciplinary teams and delivering solutions that enable you to derive actionable insights, early and continuously.


Our iterative approach begins with an understanding of the business context, followed by iterative and feedback-driven cycles while keeping you and your stakeholders informed of the progress.    

end to end toolkit

Our toolkit is holistic and a true blend of human ingenuity and cutting edge technology.

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suggested timeline 

Our iterative approach enables visibility into challenges, associated opportunities, and timelines essential for implementing solutions that change the business for superlative impact.

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Occupancy counting and COVID protocol adherence in physical built space.

End customer: France based large bank with multiple office buildings across the country. 

The technology team was looking for a COVID appropriate solution that will inform in realtime office occupancy to employees via an enterprise mobile app.

Worked with a startup in France to build and deploy a Computer Vision based solution that displayed real time occupancy and mask protocol adherence across different zones and floors of different office buildings.


  • Improvement in employee confidence in the COVID related processes adopted by the management. 

key industries

Retail & eComm
Retail & eComm

We work with Retail - eComm companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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City Sky
Smart City
Smart City

We work with urban planners and traffic systems to integrate AI/ML into their ops. 


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We work with Healthcare companies to integrate AI/ML into their business. 


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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to AI for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live. Ready to apply AI to your business?

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