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Interact with your customers like never before

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In the era of thin margins, gain edge over pure play digital players, by bringing digital to physical.

We work with your existing infrastructure and apply our machine learning and computer vision technology to save you time and make money.

core offerings

Physical environment doesn't need to mundane and dull.

Use technology and human ingenuity to create memorable in-the-moment engagement.

Interactions using Expressions and Gestures

Use affective computing to provoke discovery and promote engagement with interactive digital content. Our algorithms can detect a face, facial expressions, and gestures to prompt action on kiosk screens. 

Convert your traditional lookbooks and inspiration galleries into dynamic interactive units. Gather instant feedback for new designs and products from interactivity or initiate a transaction. 

Mood Index

As customers, we shop more when we enjoy and stay engaged. Understand your customers' emotion and how it affects engagement and sales by temporal analysis of store mood ​using our solution. 

Marry that with POS data to better understand sales patterns for each and every store, zones inside your stores and more.

Dynamic Product Placements

Interactive digital signage and OOH advertising that displays interactive content (products, message) based on the age, gender, mood of people in front. Use external data like traffic, news, and the weather to show appropriate products.


The customer responds to the content and interacts with on-screen messaging driving engagement using gestures and facial expressions.


Product, Price, Placement, Promotion

Analyze the impact of changing pricing for new products, discounts for slow-moving products, and standard price on store sales and profits.


Measure customer engagement and sales for different products in the same category and similar placements - share the data with brands for building partnerships. 

Queue + Occupancy

Find out and optimize queues in front of fitting rooms or checkout counters - use cameras to estimate queue wait times and display for customer convenience. 

Know real occupancy, density, dwell time, and other metrics to better understand your visitors and customers and their preferences.


Benchmark Performance 

Compare and benchmark physical premises in real-time.  

Integrate traffic data, dwell time, and happiness index with POS feeds to measure key performance metrics across all physical locations.

Easily spot norms, trends, and outliers on occupancy, attention, mood, checkout queues, and conversion.


All physical store operators are interested in understanding how visitors are becoming customers or not. Computer vision is a certain way to find out more about visitor behavior (much accurate and privacy safe than mobile phone signals). realpath is an award winning, privacy-first solution to get you the insights you want about your physical space.  

essential reading for retailers


Improve customer engagement and increase brand recognition.

End customer: Venice, LA-based fashion boutique.

Built a product -service that monetizes any media asset, image, or video. Multiple assets were made clickable and monetizable, and distributed through power bloggers and social influencers. 


  • More than 30% improvement in memorization of brand

  • More than 40% increase in time spent and social footprint

  • 5X times increase in product discovery and shopping

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Getting actionable and timely insights for operations and marketing teams has been a driver for many retailers to invest in AI.
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