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We change the way you work with data and customers

Test everything. Influence behavior. Drive engagement.

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what we do

Drawing on our global experiences in multiple sectors including but not limited to technology, telecom, retail, fashion, finance, and social-profit we bring to each engagement the right calibration of knowledge, practices, talents, and tools to enable digital transformation through data. We create a bespoke approach to fit the specific needs of your business so that you can serve your customers, employees, and stakeholders with the confidence of creating a data first business. 

We are always fine-tuning our knowledge to keep up with the speed of change so that we can help you move faster, towards the true vision of your business.

how we do it

Bootcamp & Workshop

Training is passe.

We bring in the best breed of workshop facilitators, marketers, and experts on ML, AI, RPA under one roof. Get ready to blow-up your most ambitious CX challenges collaboratively within few days.



Strategy & Advisory

Most of our customers are uncertain about their future, particularly around the use of data. Our experts help uncover strategic data opportunities and accelerate the transformation to become a data-led business in few weeks. 



e2e Software Solutions

Well engineered AI powered solutions in production environments change existing workflows in an organization. Our teams analyze, design, and build contextual and cutting-edge data-first solutions shortening data-insights-action cycle time.



key industries
Retail & eComm

whom do we work with


Early stage, well funded ventures looking to use data for growth and operational advantage


Companies and brands eager to incorporate machine learning and advanced analytics in changing the game


Providing expert service as Resident Advisors for advanced data analytics, machine learning / AI 

Over the next 5 years, data volume is set to grow 800%, 80% of it will be unstructured data

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"How To Get Started with Enterprise AI"

key focus areas

Customer Engagement

Grow Revenue


Increase Accuracy

Security & Fraud Prevention

Protect Assets

Labor & Automation

Optimize Margins

Let's talk

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.

Are you looking to integrate these technologies into your business? 

At Calculai, we drive positive customer impact by mixing interdisciplinary consulting with appropriate domain knowledge and expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and related emerging technologies.

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