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Finding meaning within visual data can be a manual, time consuming, and often daunting process.

 We apply computer vision for your business to find, see, understand, and unlock the insights needed to achieve your goals in today’s ever-changing world. 

Whether you run an online marketplace, an e-commerce site, a construction management firm, a fashion brand, or a real-estate company, our world-class computer vision AI powers your business with the goal of maximizing your profits.


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Object Detection and Recognition

The ability to automatically detect and identify objects, such as fashion products or specific items, from within a photo image or video. CV algorithms can segment and identify multiple complex items from within one image or a video. This can then be used for identification reference, or as a starting point for a Visual Search.


Image Analysis

A set of Computer Vision models are dedicated to analyzing all objects, perceptual elements, such as settings, colors, patterns and shapes in the image, to provide a summary of the mood, theme or emotion of the image. This is useful for extracting insightful information from a simple image.


Visual Search

Visual search is popular these days with e-commerce sites as it eliminates the time-consuming keyword guessing attempts during any product search and discovery process. Instead, e-commerce shoppers can now just take a photo and search for similar outfits with relative ease.  


Face Recognition

Face detection and subsequent identification of one or more persons using computer vision have found its way into multiple different applications where identity can be offered as a service. 


Insights on Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Decisions

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to machine learning, and artificial intelligence for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.


Are you looking to integrate these technologies into your business? 

At Calculai, we drive positive customer impact by mixing interdisciplinary consulting with appropriate domain knowledge and expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and related emerging technologies.

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