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Healthcare is shifting from reactive sick care to proactive health management, with the consumer patient at the center of it all. Big data, cloud technology, and ML algorithms are changing how we interact with data, and data sources across the healthcare sector.


Predictive analytics is now widely used to identify behavior patterns in a patient or population and forecast outcomes. We leverage data science, ML, and AI to provide the patient insights that improve delivery of care while reducing operational expenses and building trust. 

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Cognitive Automation

We use AI/ML powered  automated processing of physical documents like invoices, medical forms in a healthcare provider setting, much like in Financial Services.

Based on the text extracted from such documents, we can then trigger workflows for necessary validations and approvals thereby reducing manual interventions and errors.

Forecast Adverse Events

Most device companies file adverse event report to FDA after manual and tedious inspection every month. This manual and tedious process of analyzing hundreds and thousands of cases is error prone and could create legal and financial penalties.

Machine learning can be used to gather and analyze data points in company’s software systems (CRM), historical records of adverse events in different hospitals, physicians involved, the location of the patient and more and predict with a high degree of accuracy adverse events in devices saving costly financial penalties.

Data Governance Strategy

As hospitals begin to share data across departments and with other providers, data governance is an essential function that needs a cohesive strategy.


Who owns this data? Do we have consent needed from appropriate parties to share? What are the rules, conditions, and terms of data sharing? Apparently, only 44 percent of hospital leaders said they had data governance capability across their entire organization, while 56 percent said they had inefficient governance standards.

Security Provisions

Our facial recognition models are trained to even catch faces at an angle and provide secured access to restricted perimeters like hospitals. 

Our team can deploy custom designed solutions that works with off-the-shelf hardware, and optimized for performance with low-end camera configurations.

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.

Are you looking to integrate these technologies into your business? 

At Calculai, we drive positive customer impact by mixing interdisciplinary consulting with appropriate domain knowledge and expertise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and related emerging technologies.

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