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Healthcare is shifting from reactive sick care to proactive health management, with the consumer patient at the center of it all. We use existing camera infrastructure to create a safe and preventive operating environment for healthcare centers and institutions. 

core offerings

Elderly Care 

Video analytics technology helps elderly institutions to create a safer environment for their clients and increase operational efficiency at the same time. Monitor and alert when a resident is not moving (e.g. not able to get out from the bed or not leaving the restroom) for a long time, outside of a justified period (e.g. night sleeping).

Facility Insights

Optimize your facility’s performance and staff allocation by having information on:

  • number of visitors

  • distribution of visitors (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • examination waiting time prediction

  • patient/examination dwell times

  • visitor dwell times

  • masks/PPE compliance

Data Governance Strategy

As hospitals begin to share data across departments and with other providers, data governance is an essential function that needs a cohesive strategy.


Who owns this data? Do we have consent needed from appropriate parties to share? What are the rules, conditions, and terms of data sharing? Apparently, only 44 percent of hospital leaders said they had data governance capability across their entire organization, while 56 percent said they had inefficient governance standards.

Security Provisions

Our facial recognition models are trained to even catch faces at an angle and provide secured access to restricted perimeters like hospitals. 

Our team can deploy custom designed solutions that works with off-the-shelf hardware, and optimized for performance with low-end camera configurations.

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