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Automation and early-stage AI systems are already changing the nature of employment and working patterns.

We engage with ambitious enterprises to conceive, design and implement AI driven solutions that help augment the human intelligence and effectiveness. Our key differentiator lies in the identification of use cases that have maximum ROI with minimal implementation time; identify the “right place to start” to quickly generate ROI and lay the groundwork for bigger projects. 

Cognitive RPA is in our wheelhouse to transform existing business processes and boost human productivity.

Our RPA engineers and consultants have helped reduce costs and waste while improving business outcomes and revenue through intelligent automation of manual, repetitive, and error-prone processes in multiple verticals. 

Robotic Process Automation is being discussed in the boardroom of every Fortune 1000 company. While automation has been there for ages in many different avatars, most companies are picking up on smart process automation as mainstream tech investment reduce costs, improve customer experience and accelerate regulatory compliance.


The first wave of automation included scrappy tools such as scripts, run books, schedulers, and data digitization tools such as optical character recognition (OCR) and web scraping. Such tools were exclusively focused on cost reduction but suffered from a high maintenance cost for the IT department. Basic RPA turns all of these into a service for most of the desktop UI operations for any enterprise-grade applications helping in the movement of structured data. These robots are used for a variety of tasks, such as opening and closing applications, copying data from spreadsheets into enterprise applications and comparing structured report data. 


Advanced Cognitive RPA extends this further and starts automating end to end business processes by processing unstructured data and sometimes automating complicated business workflows that span multiple applications. Additionally, such advanced cognitive automation can assure the accuracy of both machine and human worker output through statistical quality control (SQC) and apply the human-generated patterns to a variety of machine learning algorithms with human-in-the-loop exceptions management, resulting in new workflows. 



Here are few processes that are suitable for implementation of RPA

Mass email generation, archiving, extraction of data 
File storage  
Data entry, Data analysis, event-based reporting
Any repetitive and predictable tasks carried out in any business process by an employee for more than 50 times a day 
Conversion of data formats and graphics
ERP transactions / CRM workflows


Services we provide include

  • Identification of processes that are best suited for RPA


  • Establishing the business benefits case for RPA for CXOs


  • Implementing infrastructure governance and support framework  


  • Implementing end to end automation of business processes using RPA 


  • Defining the best practices approach and governance for process configuration


  • Encouraging change management and adoption engineering for organization-wide acceptance



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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.

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