We gather and synthesize data, from internal and external data sources, into compelling narratives that highlight latent business opportunities and foster action.

Our strong data science and engineering team, comprising of folks with advanced degrees from premier global universities, work with TensorFlow and other ML frameworks to solve complex business problems in the areas of  predictive intelligence (recommendation, forecasting) text (NLP), and video/images (computer vision).


In many cases, our teams don't start from scratch to write complex models, rather leverage the robust ML API’s from Google, Amazon, Facebook to create solutions rapidly. Our engineers have created powerful cognitive powered bots that allow end consumers and employees to interact via text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI.

We don’t just hand over black-box algorithms. Instead, we follow a highly-disciplined design philosophy: tailoring the  the analysis to suit your business from the beginning, and thoughtfully integrate solutions into your enterprise system landscape. At all points in between, we continuously test assumptions and make sure that the end results will achieve the intended impactand transformation you are aiming for.

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Deep Learning and Predictive Modeling

Data Insights and Visualization

Data Strategy, Big Data Architectures

Key Focus Areas

Customer Engagement

Grow Revenue


Increase Accuracy

Security & Fraud Prevention

Protect Assets

Labor & Automation

Optimize Margins

Insights on Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Decisions

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are turning to robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for innovative business solutions thereby changing the ways how people work, shop, play, and live.

Are you looking to integrate these technologies into your business? 

At Calculai, we drive positive customer impact by mixing interdisciplinary consulting with appropriate domain knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, and related emerging technologies.

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